Articles/Essays Chronologically

L’autonomie des avocats: une conception problématique parmi des développements démoralisants in “L’indépendance des avocats ; le long chemin d’une liberté,” (éditeur, Louis Assier-Andrieu 2015)

How to do Things with Hohfeld, 78 LAW AND CONTEMPORARY PROBLEMS 185 (2015)

Coase Minus the Coase Theorem–Some Problems with Chicago Transaction Cost Analysis, 99 IOWA L. REV. 175 (2013)

The Faculty Workshop60 BUFFALO LAW REVIEW 807 (2012)

Nudge, Choice Architecture and Libertarian Paternalism (Review-Essay of Sunstein & Thaler, “Nudge”)108 MICHIGAN LAW REVIEW 913 (2010)

Formalism and Realism in Ruins (Mapping the Logics of Collapse), 95 IOWA LAW REVIEW 195 (2010)

Spam Jurisprudence, Air Law, and the Rank Anxiety of Nothing Happening (A Report on the State of the Art), 97 GEORGETOWN LAW JOURNAL 803 (2009)

The Dedifferentiation Problem, 42(1) CONTINENTAL PHILOSOPHY REVIEW 35 (Special Issue on Continental Philosophy of Law) (2009)

Law and Philosophy in the Hyperreal, in Francis J. Mootz III, ON PHILOSOPHY IN AMERICAN LAW 257 (2008)

Kandinsky or Hart? The Crit: A Critical Legal Studies Journal

The Anxiety of the Law Student at the Socratic Impasse—An Essay on Reductionism in Legal Education, 31 New York University Review of Law & Social Change 575 (2007)

A Brief Survey of Deconstruction27 CARDOZO LAW REVIEW 741 (2005)

My Dinner at Langdell’s52 BUFFALO LAW REVIEW 851 (2004)

A Reply – The Missing Portion (Response to Symposium, “Beyond Right and Reason: Pierre Schlag, The Critique of Normativity and The Enchantment of Reason”), 57 UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI LAW REVIEW 1029 (2003)

Ten Thousand Cases—Maybe More: An Essay on Centrism in Legal Education2 STANFORD AGORA (an online journal): 3/ (2003)

The Aesthetics of American Law115 HARVARD LAW REVIEW 1047 (2002)

Jurisprudence Noire (Review-essay on Lawrence Joseph’s Lawyerland), 101 COLUMBIA LAW REVIEW 1733 (2001)

Politics and Denial22 CARDOZO LAW REVIEW 1135 (2001)

U.S. C.L.S., 10 LAW & CRITIQUE 199 (1999)

No Vehicles in the Park, SEATTLE UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW 381 (1999)

Day, Berry & Howard Visiting Scholar Lecture — Authorizing Interpretation30 UNIVERSITY OF Connecticut LAW REVIEW 1065 (1998)

The Empty Circles of Liberal Justification96 MICHIGAN LAW REVIEW 1 (1997)

Law as a Continuation of God by Other Means85 CALIFORNIA LAW REVIEW 427 (1997)

Law and Phrenology110 HARVARD LAW REVIEW 877 (1997)

Hiding the Ball71 NEW YORK UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW 1681 (1996)

This Could Be Your Culture — Junk Speech in the Age of Decadence (Review of Death of Discourse by Ron Collins & David Skover), 109 HARVARD LAW REVIEW 1801 (1996)

Rights in the Postmodern Condition, in Sarat & Kearns, Legal Rights: Historical and Philosophical Perspectives (University of Michigan Press, 1996)

Anti-Intellectualism, 16 CARDOZO REVIEW 1111 (1995)


Clerks in the Maze, 91 MICHIGAN LAW REVIEW 2053 (1993)

How to Do Things with the First Amendment64 UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO LAW REVIEW 1095 (1993)

Pre-figuration and Evaluation80 CALIFORNIA LAW REVIEW 965 (1992)

Writing for Judges63 UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO LAW REVIEW 419 (1992)

The Problem of the Subject69 TEXAS LAW REVIEW 1627 (1991)

Normativity and the Politics of Form139 UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA LAW REVIEW 801 (1991)

Foreword: Postmodernism and Law62 UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO LAW REVIEW 439 (1991)

Normative and Nowhere to Go43 STANFORD LAW REVIEW 167 (1990)

“Le Hors de Texte, C’est Moi” — The Politics of Form and the Domestication of Deconstruction11 CARDOZO LAW REVIEW 1631 (1990)

Missing Pieces: A Cognitive Approach to Law67 TEXAS LAW REVIEW 1195 (1989)

The Problem of Transaction Costs62 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA LAW REVIEW 1661 (1989)

Contradiction and Denial (Review-essay of Mark Kelman’s A Guide to Critical Legal Studies, 87 MICHIGAN LAW REVIEW 1216 (1989)

Cannibal Moves: The Metamorphoses of the Legal Distinction, 40 STANFORD LAW REVIEW 929 (1988)

Fish v. Zapp: The Case of the Relatively Autonomous Self76 GEORGETOWN LAW JOURNAL 37 (1988)

The Brilliant, the Curious and the Wrong39 STANFORD LAW REVIEW 917 (1987)

An Appreciative Comment on Coase’s The Problem of Social Cost: A View from the Left, [1986] WISCONSIN LAW REVIEW 919

Freedom of Speech as Therapy (Review-essay of Lee Bollinger’s, The Tolerant Society) 34 UCLA LAW REVIEW 265 (1986)

Rules and Standards33 UCLA LAW REVIEW 379 (1985)

Review essay of Interpretations of the First Amendment, by W. Van Alstyne, 2 CONSTITUTIONAL COMMENTARY 519 (1985)

Framers’ Intent: The Illegitimate Uses of History, 8 UNIVERSITY OF PUGET SOUND LAW REVIEW 283 (1985)

An Attack on Categorical Approaches to Freedom of Speech, 30 UCLA LAW REVIEW 671 (1983)

Assaults on the Exclusionary Rule: Good Faith Limitations and Damage Remedies, 73 JOURNAL OF CRIMINAL LAW & CRIMINOLOGY 875 (1982)